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News 4 Schools: Tiny superheroes

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The Tinysuperheroes cape company is getting some help from the Fashion Club at Kirkwood High School.

Robyn Rosenberger is the founder of Tinysuperheroes. She is a Kirkwood graduate.

A superhero cape is so easy for people to connect with that it just breaks barriers and makes it so you don’t have to say a lot of words,” Rosenberger said.

Tinysuperheroes sends capes to children who may be battling a disease or have special needs, in order to help them realize their super powers.

“When these families are living under this pressure to normalize their kids and to help people see that they're extraordinary and see that they're amazing…and when somebody --be it these kids or me-- when they open a package from a stranger that to say your kids extraordinary, they didn't even have to do anything, that is powerful.”

The students in Fashion Club help sew the capes and write notes to the tiny superheroes.

Freshman Asha Zein says, “We tell them that they're really strong and if they've gotten this far they can go even farther and they really are a superhero.”

For more information check out the Tinysuperheroes website here:

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