St. Louis County police warn of thieves posing as utility worker -

St. Louis County police warn of thieves posing as utility workers

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AFFTON ( – St. Louis County Police are warning residents about a fake water company employee scamming residents in the area.

On Tuesday, a man posing as a water company employee forced his way into a home on Doe Run Court in Affton, according to authorities.

Police said the man told the elderly homeowners he needed to check a pipe issue. When he left, the couple said they felt something was off.

“We called the water company, and they didn’t have anyone working in the area,” said the victim’s family.

After checking another room in the house, the pair noticed several pieces of jewelry were missing.

“We believe he distracted her long enough and spoke with her long enough in the kitchen so that a second individual entered the home and took belongings,” said Officer Joe Sondag.

In August, St Louis County Police warned of scammers posing as a utility workers and entering homes under false pretenses. 

“At this time we don’t have enough to tie those incidents together,” said Officer Sondag.

The suspects were driving a white Ford F-150, police said. 

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact authorities.

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