Robbery victim says one word saved their lives -

Robbery victim says one word saved their lives

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A Whitehaven couple was robbed at gunpoint in their driveway as their three-year-old great-granddaughter watched. Now, police are searching for the three men they believe are responsible.

The great-grandmother said she believes one word saved her life.

Deloris New said one of the three men held a gun to her face as her husband and great-granddaughter watched.

"We both said 'we don't have anything' and then he told my husband, he said 'I will shoot you' and he used the N-word," said New. "What I felt when I saw that gun was just blood splattering. Us being killed, hurt, something."

New's husband was not shot, but she credits the one name she spoke as she looked at the robbers and their gun.

"I do remember saying Jesus. I remember saying that and I believe, covered by the blood of Jesus, saved us," said New.

The family was just returning home from a Grizzlies game when the three men robbed them in their driveway. But New has a message for the robbers.

"I want to say what a stupid thing, that you've ruined your life for some pettiness," said New. 

Video shows the suspects going inside a McDonalds minutes after they robbed  New and her family. They used the family's credit cards to purchase $26 worth of food.

"Go to work at McDonald's where you took my money and spent it. Go there so you can have some McDonald's money and stop taking it from poor people. We don't have anything here," said New.

New said her great-granddaughter was frightened and continues to worry about the men.

"My baby, who is three, was petrified and she just keep worrying that this bad man has our keys," said New. 

She said she is grateful for her husband who stepped in during the robbery.

"He is my hero because he stood between the guy and the gun," said New.

New said they would likely have helped the suspects if they had simply asked.

"If he really needed something and said ma'am I need something, I probably would have gave him the money I had," said New.

A family blessed, but needing your help. If you know the three men captured on the video, call Crime Stoppers at (901)528-CASH.

"I want them to have consequences," said New.

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