Violence, break-ins force youth program to shut its doors -

Violence, break-ins force youth program to shut its doors

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV) – Violence and a series of break-ins means a North St. Louis County youth program is closing its doors.

The organization Operation Help or Hush was using the school space at St. Greater Marks Church for community youth programs, but it’s now coming to an end.

Pastor Tommie Pierson says a series of break-ins and gun fire after a Friday night event were just too much.

“When you think you’re doing something good and suddenly it blows up in your face, I felt pretty horrible,” said Pastor Pierson.

On Friday nights the space was used as a place for teens to hang out.

“Kids need some place to go, they have all this energy, we tried to provide a space for them to let off some steam, but we ran into problems,” he said.

Now Pastor Pierson hopes they can utilize the space in another capacity. Operation Help or Hush also hopes there’s a future for more youth programs which are so desperately need in North County.

But Pierson says they can’t do it alone.

“If I can reach their parents, we can have great success around here,” he explained.

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