Family of man killed after peace rally frustrated witnesses won’ -


Family of man killed after peace rally frustrated witnesses won’t talk

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( – The family of a man who was killed shortly after a rally to end gun violence said they are frustrated that witnesses are not talking to police.

Demetrius Kates, 36, was fatally shot after an argument with a 29-year-old suspect in the 2800 block of north 21st Street on August 15. Kates’ sister said Demetrius was a mechanic who did a job for the suspect. The perpetrator also owed Demtrius money. When Demetrius asked the man to pay the debt, the suspect shot and killed him.

The shooting occurred hours after a peace rally was held nearby in Raushenback Park.

“It was supposed to have been all about the money that was owed to him. The guy could have given him $5 and said 'I will come back.' Demetrius would have been fine with that,” said Lillian Kates. “He was owed $250. My brother was worth that a billion times over.”

A man who lives very close to murder scene told News 4 he is upset that witness are not coming forward to speak with police.

“If we’re ever going to have peace in this city, somebody is going to have to have enough courage to stand up and say ‘that is the person who did the shooting.’ A lot of people know who is responsible for the shooting,” said neighbor Vernon Betts.

Kates would have turned 37 on October 4, which is also the due date of his fourth child. Kates’ family is using EndViolenceStL t-shirts as a way to honor Demetrius.

The investigation into the homicide is still ongoing. If you have any information on the shooting, please call Crimestoppers at 1-866-371-8477.

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