University City EMS to remain privatized, for now -

University City EMS to remain privatized, for now

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Despite concerns over response times, University City officials decided not to make changes to the city’s EMS service.

The move came after News 4 learned at an employee with the ambulance service used by the city was disciplined after it took 15 minutes for an ambulance to respond to a heart attack call. University City recently outsourced it’s EMS services to Gateway Ambulance.

“We’ve taken measures with Gateway to ensure it won’t happen again, it was an employee issue that has been dealt with,” said a University City official.

Two city council members attempted to pass a bill to resolve some of the problems with Gateway. Even though many members of the public spoke in favor of the measure, the proposal did not pass.

University City’s mayor said it’s not up to the city council to regulate contracts. He said that responsibility lies with the city manager, but the city manager told News 4 he will not make any changes.

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