Monroe Co. Sheriff criticized for recent seizures of pot -

Monroe Co. Sheriff criticized for recent seizures of pot

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Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is responding to criticism after making four marijuana seizures in three weeks, all from illegal pot grows found in corn fields.

The pot is worth a combined street value of $100,000. Monroe County Sheriff Neal Rohlfing told News 4 it’s a good thing the plants were seized.

“They damaged the corn, they cut the crops down, and we’re not going to tolerate anything like that,” said Rohlfing.

Some commentators on the department’s Facebook page have accused deputies of wasting tax dollars and resources. On Monday, Rohlfing responded to the critics with a Facebook post of his own, proudly defending the work of his deputies.

“They’re gonna sell this marijuana. Most likely, since it's being grown in Monroe County, pretty educated guess, but it’s gonna be sold in Monroe County," Rohlfing said.

In June, Illinois state lawmakers voted to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. The state also has a pilot program for medicinal marijuana use.

Some say it's only a matter of time before Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana use, but that prospect does not does not matter to Rohlfing.

"Especially for the people in Colorado and Seattle, if everything's working out for you out there and it's legalized, and you're not having any problems, that's fantastic. But right now, in the state of Illinois, it's still illegal," Rohlfing said.

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