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Local high school traditions raise alarms for police and school officials

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LINCOLIN COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV.com) – A homecoming tradition at Troy Buchanan High School has turned into something else entirely and school officials are now helping to enforce curfew.

Over the years pranks have become crimes and many worry it is not just harmless fun anymore. The school’s principle and the Troy Police Chief delivered a message over the PA to the more than 1400 students at the high school.

“Pranks are pranks, but what was happening was not just harmless fun,” said Troy Buchanan High School Principal Dr. Jerry Raines.

School officials say somewhere along the line students took homecoming week and turned it into junior/senior rivalry week.

“Basically they would go out and prank each other's homes and property and it became a game of one-up-manship. I can do your house better than you can do my house or I would graffiti your car, do something to your property. It became a game of retaliation,” said Dr. Jerry Raines.

Last year some students attempted to prank another student’s home.

“Well they actually didn't hit the right house. [They] went to a neighbor's house and caused some significant amount of felony property damage. The homeowners were obviously upset. The kids ended up getting charged with felony property damage and it's going to end up on their permanent record,” said Dr. Jerry Raines.

Some students want to do away with the vandalism all together.

“I don't like it. [I] want to do everything in my power to try to change that,” said senior Lori Rodriguez.

The Troy Police Department has posted a reminder to teens and their parents about curfew rules and the restrictions on intermediate driver’s license.

Homeowners protecting their property with guns is another worry for the police; they say it could have tragic results.

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