Homes, cars vandalized in O’Fallon, Missouri neighborhood -

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Homes, cars vandalized in O’Fallon, Missouri neighborhood

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O'FALLON, Mo. ( - Police hope security cameras will hold the key to catching whoever is responsible for vandalizing an O'Fallon, Missouri neighborhood Sunday.

More than 30 victims living in the Monticello Properties neighborhood in O’Fallon, Missouri woke up Sunday morning to find vulgar graffiti marking dozens of homes, streets and cars. 

Vandals spray painted curse words, obscene images, and swastikas throughout the subdivision.

David Robinson is a pastor who lives on Dunmore Circle. He wasn't a victim but several of his neighbors were. He has a message for anyone who thinks it was just a prank.

"It's harmless to them because they're the ones that are getting away with it and not having to pay restitution. For the homeowners and the people who live here, it's quiet's like an's like being broken into..almost like being violated," Robinson said.

Wes Strickland, a resident, told News 4 his car was vandalized with spray paint, but he was able to clean it off.

"Homecoming was last night, so the cops were saying the kids who didn't have dates were just out being kids,” Strickland said.

Debbie Liliensick, another resident, was also able to clean the paint from her car.

She considers herself one of the lucky ones, but said the vandalism made her feel violated. “I don't think they realize the damage that they did,” said Liliensick, “and our self well being that they took away.”

Police are asking the public for information. The subdivision is normally quiet, but these days more people are installing home video security. Authorities asked homeowners in the area to take a look and check out the video on their systems. 

"We're hoping they can review that see if they did see anything that was out of the ordinary...any individuals regardless of whether it was on the could have been an adjoining street, what have you, just to see if we can get information to get something out and try to get some suspects developed," said Diana Damke of O'Fallon Police.

City street crews will remove the graffiti from the roadways for $300. Authorities from the prosecutor's office said when removal costs reach $750 dollars, vandalism jumps from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Police ask anyone with information to call. The investigation is ongoing.

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