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Police wives in Metro East rally to support officers

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A group of police wives in the Metro East are pledging to "paint Illinois blue" in support of police.

The move comes after recent violence against officers in Arizona and in the St. Louis area. The wives hope to place blue ribbons along Highway 157 on Saturday.

“At any moment it could be your family, so we really take each person, not that we’ve ever met them, but it’s personal, you know it could be you,” said Kelley Shirley.

UMSL Criminology professor and former Los Angeles police officer David Klinger believes the climate is currently very tough for law enforcement.

“I talk to cops all over the country and they are more worried now about public reaction riot, civil litigation, and even being charged with a crime,” said Klinger.

28 cities and towns in Illinois have signed a declaration to recognize Saturday as National Thank a Police Officer Day.

“Display blue ribbons or blue lights, wear blue, just if you see an officer, thank him, buy lunch,” said Shirley

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