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East St. Louis police officer, employee under investigation

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A police officer and employee of the East St. Louis Police Department at are the center of two investigations. 

An officer is accused of possessing illegal drugs and the patrol division employee is accused of sexual assault. 

"When crime does happen, whether it's a citizen or employee of the police department, our officers are held to a higher standard," said East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Hubbard. 

Hubbard did not go into further details, but said an outside agency told him about an incident involving the officer. The officer is still on duty while the investigation is ongoing.

"There is information that I can't share at this time and that investigation is more internal than anything else," Hubbard said. 

A patrol division worker is accused of sexual assault. The chief said the victim is an adult and the two didn't have a prior relationship. 

"It does add a black eye to the department, but what I would like the public to know is that we are conducting an investigation because once and I stated this before, when it comes to crime committed by citizens or employees we need to investigate each one to the fullest," he says. 

It is unclear how long the investigation will take for both cases. No arrests were made, but the chief says charges could be filed.  Hubbard added he is taking both allegations seriously. The allegations also have some residents concerned.

"It makes you feel threatened because they are who you call to your home and if you can't trust the police officers who can you trust? Because the tax payers are paying them to take care of us," says resident Mia Moore

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