Mehlville committee tasked with improving teacher retention -

Mehlville committee tasked with improving teacher retention

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The Salary Committee for the Mehlville School District met Wednesday night to discuss how to improve teacher retention in the district.

Mehlville School District says they lost 80 teachers in the past year, 60 of which went to different districts. The committee has been given an ongoing assignment to consider strategies to improve teacher retention and attract new teachers to the district. The district said one way to improve retention is increase pay, and notes that Mehlville teachers have a starting salary of $36,059, which is less than neighboring districts.

The Salary Committee, which meets regularly, does not have the power to make changes, but can present findings to the School Board.

During the meetings, the committee will look at different scenarios for teacher retention, and while increasing pay was discussed, they will consider all options, the district told KMOV.

In May, the Mehlville Board of Education decided not to replace 23 teachers who had resigned or retired.

The district is operating with a nearly $5 million budget shortfall. 

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