Is new crime-solving effort between St. Louis police and prosecu -

Is new crime-solving effort between St. Louis police and prosecutors working?

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - It has been five months since prosecutors and police started a new partnership to better solve murder cases throughout St. Louis City.

In April, prosecutors began going to homicide scenes with detectives to interview witnesses and collect evidence that will hold up in court.

St. Louis City Prosecutor Mary Pat Carl said the collaborative effort between both agencies has not yet yielded any hard and fast convictions.

"Building a homicide case is a long process, and we are five months in," said Carl. "Anecdotally, I know we are making a difference."

Carl said the new initiative has allowed prosecutors to build relationships with key witnesses, which has helped investigators understand what led to certain crimes.

The hope is that the joint venture will ultimately speed up the prosecuting process.

"This office is working hard on holding people who commit violent acts accountable," said Carl.

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