Franklin County Sheriff's Department warns residents about recen -

Franklin County Sheriff's Department warns residents about recent break-ins

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. ( – Police in Franklin County are urging residents to take notice and lock up their homes at night.

Franklin County has seen a rise in burglaries recently near Old Highway 100 and Highway-V and many residents are worried including, Lauren Miller.

"Well I had no idea that they were happening around here at all, it's scary," said Miller.

Police investigators believe these robberies have been made easier due to lack of security from homeowners.

"With this nice weather out there people are wanting to leave their doors open, use their screens turn the a/c off, they might forget about a window and the next thing you know it's that window allowing the thief to get into the house," said Franklin County Sheriff's Department Detective Jim Briggs.

Investigators say they have identified two suspects in the burglaries in the area, but they hope these tips will help prevent the next break-ins.

"Know your neighbors, know the people you live next to and if somebody doesn’t look like they belong in the neighborhood, call law enforcement and let them check it out and investigate it, you never know if that's going to be the break in the case," said Detective Briggs.

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