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Police concerned about increasing number of gun thefts

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(KMOV.com) – Authorities said they are extremely concerned about a rise in gun thefts in recent years, often from unlocked cars.

One police officer said the number of stolen guns has been steadily rising since conceal and carry became the law in Missouri. More than a dozen such weapons were stolen in St. Peters in the past three years.

“We have seen an increase of them being stolen from unlocked vehicles, mostly in residential neighborhoods, people leaving their guns in their car while they go inside and sleep for the night, and they come outside in the morning and it’s gone,” said Officer Melissa Doss with St. Peters Police.

St. Charles County reported 66 stolen guns in 2013, 54 in 2014, and 41 so far in 2015. Two men were recently sentenced for stealing 34 guns from a Wentzville pawn shop, half of which have been recovered. Wentzville has reported 10 stolen guns so far in 2015.

Statistics from other St. Charles County cities indicate that guns in unlocked cars are targets. 38 guns were stolen from O’Fallon in 2013, half were taken from cars. In 2014, 23 guns were stolen and half were taken from cars. 49 have been stolen in 2015.

Paul Bastean with Ultimate Defense said thieves often profile a vehicle to see if there’s a likelihood a gun is inside. Thieves look for NRA decals, or gun rights and hunting bumper stickers.

Bastean said gun safes are available for cars and go a long way to preventing gun thefts.

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