South City residents upset over illegal dumping behind homes -

South City residents upset over illegal dumping behind homes

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Many south St. Louis residents are upset with those who illegally dump waste behind homes and in back alleys.

One family told News 4 it has been dealing with illegal dumping in its backyard for years and recently had a hot tub dumped behind their home.

“Trash, you’ve got a door. Furniture would be out here, tires, numerous things,” said Nick Stoltz. “The hot tub would be the most surprising thing I’ve seen.”

Stoltz said there was paper in the hot tub that eventually caught on fire.

“I was upset about it because we’ve been complaining for years and now our garage is on fire and we have to deal with it,” said Stoltz.

A little further south in the Bevo neighborhood, a resident told News 4 waste was dumped in a back alley. That family is the process of putting up a camera to catch those responsible.

City Director of Operations Todd Waeltermann said illegal dumping is collected so the city can pinpoint problem areas.

“We have about 110 or 112 cameras that are portable cameras that we move around the alley. When we look at our incident reports, we go to that area and light it up with cameras,” said Waeltermann.

Stoltz said his family requested such a camera months ago, but was denied.

“The city has a limited amount of cameras and I can’t speak to the specific denial, but we definitely look at how much is there. If there is just one dump over a year period, that’s not going to justify a camera,” Waeltermann said.

Waeltermann later said the city looked at the complaints filed for the Stoltz household and determined a camera was not needed.

To file a complaint with city hall about illegal dumping, call 314-622-4800.

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