Some residents want to keep St. Louis Co. police in Jennings -

Some residents want to keep St. Louis Co. police in Jennings

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Jennings held a meeting with residents Wednesday on whether St. Louis County Police should stop patrolling the city.

Jennings Mayor Yolanda Fountain-Henderson previously said she has been dissatisfied with county police since the department began patrolling Jennings in 2011, the same year that city’s police department disbanded. Fountain-Henderson said some of the actions by St. Louis County Police in Ferguson concern her.

Many residents at Wednesday’s meeting told News 4 they like the job St. Louis County police have done in Jennings, and would like to see them remain.

“I’ve lived here all my life and I think St. Louis County is doing a fantastic job,” said resident David Kuechenmeister. “If Jennings brought back it’s own PD, I would probably move.”

St. Louis County police said it costs Jennings $3 million for police services from the county.  Fountain-Henderson told News 4 she believes Jennings is paying too much money for county officers, more than what Jennings used to spend on it’s own police force.

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