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Police use art to help classmates of Jamyla Bolden

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – St. Louis police officers are grabbing their pencils and paint brushes in an effort to help out the classmates of Jamyla Bolden.

The 9-year-old girl was gunned down insider her home and the tragedy has affected many across St. Louis.

“I think the community is angry and we share that but sometimes you answer anger with love,” explained Lt. Daniel Zarrick with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Downtown Bike Unit.

Several downtown police officers participated in an art class at the 10th Street Gallery. The gallery’s co-founder Solomon Thurman Jr. taught the class and now the art work the officers created will be curated into a show.

“I hope this demystifies who police officers are, they’re people,” said Thurman, whose son is an officer with the bike unit.

The proceeds from the show will all go towards the Koch Elementary fourth grade students.

“This is one way for the police department, the bike unit in particular with this program can express love for the community," said Zarrick.

 The show opens on October 9.

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