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Observant neighbor leads arrest of alleged serial home burglar

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DOGTOWN (KMOV.com) - Police says a serial burglar who's been targeting South City neighborhoods is off the street all thanks to an observant neighbor.

Ashleigh Blevins’ daily routine of walking with her baby was interrupted this week after a burglar stole her $200 jogging stroller right off her Dogtown porch.

“When I first got home, I keep my jogging stroller on my porch and I noticed it was gone,” said Blevins.

That wasn’t all the thief stole from her home on Kraft Avenue. Breaking into a window, the thief got away with a TV and her grandmother’s jewelry, items she figured she’d never see again.

“I called my husband as soon as I realized things had been taken and I said were not going to get this stuff back,” she explained.

The theft happened Wednesday but by Wednesday evening there was a knock on her door.

“The detectives knocked on my door and said they had caught a burglar and he had given them a list of the homes he had gone to,” she said.

Police say a neighbor spotted a suspicious car casing houses and called 911. When they pulled the suspect over, several stolen items, including the Blevins’ property were inside the car.

Blevins has a message of gratitude for her vigilant neighbor.

“Thank you so much, I’m so glad you went with your gut and decided to call it in because now were getting our stuff back and lots of people are,” said Blevins.

Police have not yet charged the suspect but are working to connect this case to several other in the area.

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