Fines issued to drivers at Ursuline Academy come under question -

I thought it was interesting that the Vice-Principal at Trudy's high school spent her morning today concealing herself...

Posted by Kurt Odenwald on Friday, September 4, 2015

Fines issued to drivers at Ursuline Academy come under question

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OAKLAND, Mo. ( – Some parents are upset that Ursuline Academy issued fines to students for parking and driving violations on campus.

Parents believe more than $1,000 in fines were issued to students in one day without warning. The outrage was made public when Missouri Eastern District Judge Kurt Odenwald, a parent of an Ursuline senior, posted about the fines on Facebook:

Apparently the school fined 48 students yesterday netting $1200 for the school (11 for rolling a stop sign and 37 miscellaneous parking violations). Not a bad take for one day. It seems that introducing a new zero tolerance policy on campus for parking and driving violations without any warning to the students and imposing fines not provided in the student handbook is a new form of aggressive fundraising.

Odenwald alleged the fines were for parking and stop sign violations, and said an administrator was hiding behind a tree to catch violators. The school said an administrator did no such thing.

Ursuline provided News 4 with the following statement:

It is our responsibility to monitor the safety of our private parking lot. For years, fines have been used to reinforce our parking lot procedures. Our sole purpose is to provide a safe environment for all students and co-workers.

The school also said the student handbook provides plenty of warning about what will happen to those who commit traffic violations on school grounds.

Parking privileges can and will be revoked for reckless driving and abuse of parking lot guidelines. Students illegally parked on the Ursuline parking lot or parked on the lot without a permit will be subject to a $25 fine for each offense.

School officials also said students and parents sign a letter before each school year that reads they should not speed on the lot and should make a complete stop at stop signs. However, the letter does not mention fines for violations.

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