Cuts coming to police and fire in East St. Louis -

Cuts coming to police and fire in East St. Louis

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EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. ( -

Residents of East St. Louis said they concerned about coming cuts to the fire and police departments.

A man who only identified himself as Cliff, said some of the cuts concern him.

 “Those are our responders, our first responders we need them to come to fires, people hurt,” said Cliff.

17 firefighters and eight police officers are losing their jobs.  It’s a move city council members voted in favor of Wednesday night.

“The thing about it is, they cut the officers, there's nothing we can do about it. Apparently it wasn't in their budget and they can't afford it,” said Cliff.

East St. Louis Police Sgt. Mario Fenn expressed his opinion saying, "It would be detrimental to lose one officer. We're already understaff and we've already made accommodations to help with the situation, but not once have we been brought to the table to help resolve these issues."

News 4 reached out to City Manager Alvin Parks to find out how the city plans to move forward with the cuts, and just how much will they will affect citizens.  Park’s receptionist said he wasn’t available to speak, however Police Chief Michael Hubbard did make himself available.  

“At this time the resident should not be concerned because I am even in touch with chiefs with different departments and other agencies to get us supplemental help to keep the citizens safe,” said Chief Hubbard.

Hubbard said he is also looking into other ways to try to keep some of those eight officers about to be cut.

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