Franklin County police recover truck loads of stolen property -

Franklin County police recover truck loads of stolen property

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The Franklin County Sheriff's Department said deputies recovered three truck loads full of stolen property and are attempting to locate the rightful owners.

On August 27, police responded to a call about two suspicious people walking around a storage facility in the 900 block of West Springfield Road outside of St. Clair. Upon arrival deputies discovered several locks securing the area had been cut. However, the suspects had fled the scene.

Police later identified and arrested the two men, aged 23 and 27, connected to the thefts during a traffic stop. One of the suspects admitted to the burglaries, while in police custody.

Authorities believe the men lifted items from storage units in Iron, Franklin, Washington, and Gasconade counties.

"We have everything from power tools, automotive parts, household items, collectables," said Det. James Briggs."We even have World War I era letters a soldier wrote his family.

Charges are pending in this case.

Individuals who suspect their storage units were broken into are advised to file a police report with local law enforcement, and then contact the Franklin County Sheriff's Office to view and possibly claim their recovered items.

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