More Missouri bridges listed in critical condition, expected to -

More Missouri bridges listed in critical condition, expected to close

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( - A new report states the number of Missouri bridges in poor condition is growing, but the state's Department of Transportation said it does not have enough money to repair them all.

MoDOT officials discussed the 641 bridges throughout the state listed in critical condition during the department's monthly meeting on Wednesday.

Ed Hassinger, MoDOT's chief engineer, said the problem of deteriorating bridges in the state has been an ongoing issue.

"We  have 10,000 bridges, and even with the investments that we are making, we are falling behind," said Hassinger.

With little to no funding available, Hassinger said the problem is likely to continue and some bridges may have to completely shutdown.

"We'll keep them open as long as we can," said Hassinger. "We'll patch them together but at some point we just can't do that anymore, and we will close them when they are unsafe for travel."

Hassinger said he hopes the legislature or voters will come forward with the funds necessary to keep the bridges open.

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