Chief Dotson: Increase in stolen guns in the City of St. Louis -

Chief Dotson: Dramatic increase in stolen guns in the City of St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( ) — St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the amount of stolen guns has increased 70 percent this year.

The chief said one reason for the increase in thefts is because guns are too accessible. He said more people are buying them and receiving conceal-carry permits then leaving them unsecured in their cars when they go into places.

Authorities in more rural counties said a lot of stolen guns are making their way into the City of St. Louis after being taken further away.

Chief Dotson told CNN another reason for the increase in stolen guns is because the courts are failing people. He said a large number of stolen guns are found in the hands of repeat offenders.

According to Chief Dotson, gun crimes are also on the rise because kids are too quickly turning to violence to solve problems.

Gun owners in Missouri are not required to report when their guns are lost or stolen.

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