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Police investigating series of break-ins at phone stores on south Broadway

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Authorities are investigating a series of recent break-ins at phone stores along south Broadway.

Thieves broke into Tamim Buruman’s store in the 4200 block of south Broadway. Buruman said those responsible cut a hole through the back door, cut the wire to the alarm, and stole alcohol, cigarettes, and cell phones.

“There’s a sensor on the door. So there were smart they didn’t the door. They went in and out of the through the hole,” Buruman said.

Five days prior, thieves broke into All Wireless, which is about a mile away from Buruman’s store.

“I came in and saw that everything was messed up. The phones are all out, the showcases open, the door is broken,” said All Wireless owner Ahmad Sultani.

Security camera video shows at least two people broke in and pryed through a back door. Sultani believes they stole $15,000-$20,000 in phones and tablets.

“We sealed the door, changed our alarm system, go extra cameras, hope that works out for better for us,” said Sultani.

Another store, Simply Prepaid, believes someone cut the wires on its alarm, but that triggered the system. The owner called police and thieves came away empty handed.

Buruman said he has upgraded his alarm system.

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