The toll violent crime takes on emergency room staff -

The toll violent crime takes on emergency room staff

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( – A program has been created at DePaul Medical Center to help emergency room staff who treat victims of violent crimes.

The program called “Care for Caregivers,” provides for emotional support for those who treat victims of violent crime. DePaul’s Director of the Emergency department said violent crime hits home for the staff.

“It’s a heavy burden, it’s hard to move past those incidents,” said Miller. “You have the nurses in the room both male and female who have kids at home or who have family that has kids, or somebody who has a child that looks just like that child. You hear that so much.”

DePaul's Team Leader of Nursing Monica Butler said burnout among emergency room workers is becoming a problem.

“Sometimes as caregivers ourselves, we neglect to provide care for ourselves,” Butler said. “That’s why it’s important to care for caregivers to show that emotional support that they in need at the time of the event so as long as we are doing that and providing that support, they don’t receive that detrimental burnout where they are ready to leave the organization or leave healthcare altogether.” 

The program also offers stress relief and counseling.

“It gets the staff out of the room, it gives them a chance to vent, it gives them a chance to grieve. Sometimes we’re in that room and there’s a lot of staff that needs to sit in there and cry, they need to get it out before they get up and go back out there to work because it’s such a traumatic experience,” Miller said.

DePaul offers the program to any hospital staff, firefighters, EMT, and police.

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