New highway overpass may be coming to Warrenton -

New highway overpass may be coming to Warrenton

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by Ray Preston, News 4 and Adam McDonald, staff

WARRENTON, Mo ( – After years of discussion, a new highway overpass may be coming to Warrenton.

A new overpass is needed to alleviate traffic congestion during construction projects. Interstate 70 cuts right through Warrenton, splitting it into the north and south sides, but as of right now there is only one overpass. If that overpass is closed for any reason, the entire region shuts down.

Last April, tanks of anhydrous ammonia spilled out onto the interstate at the overpass. “It shut down the entire city and I actually had to deal with it,” said Resident Don Hutson. “It completely shut the city down. You couldn’t cross over at any point.”

The closest overpasses are four miles to the east or five miles to the west. In life and death situations, minutes can make all the difference, but the lack of an overpass could have deadly consequences.

“Emergency units having to respond either north to south or south to north had to go out of their way,” Hutson said. “Eight to ten miles, depending on what direction you go.”

A new overpass would be about two miles to the west of the current overpass. A tax hike would also be part of the funding which is always tough to sell to residents, but if the town does move forward with the project, it would go before voters eventually. But that might not happen for another year. 

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