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Fairview Heights offers people chance to see what decisions police officers face

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The Fairview Heights Police Department is currently accepting applications for the fall 2015 session of its Citizens' Police Academy.

City residents and those who live outside the community are encouraged to sign up for the program, which will start on September 10 and run every Thursday evening through November 12.

One part of the academy uses a virtual training simulator to teach citizens how to make the split-second life or death decisions officers face when confronted by a gunman.

During the Prism Training module, Det. Brian Schieber said participants are given a fake gun that emulates an officer's pistol, and must complete a set of interactive scenarios involving an "armed suspect."

"People don't realize what happens and how fast it happens," said Schieber. "They don't realize how fast things can go south on an officer and how aware an officer needs to be at all times for the unknown."

Citizens will also learn about other aspects of policing, from SWAT team operations to routine traffic stops.

Adults aged 21 and older can sign up for the program by calling 618-489-2158.

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