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Local women’s group pushing for gun safety in light of recent shootings involving children

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(KMOV.com) – The group Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice is pushing for a change in gun culture in light of recent gun deaths involving children.

The group, which is made up of women and mothers, describes the situation as a health epidemic and is pushing for better gun safety.

“It’s become on one of the highest causes of death for children and it threatens the health and safety of our children,” said Lise Bernstein, President of Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice.

The organization provides free gun locks to families who need them. Bernstein told News 4 the death of 21-month-old Carter Epps, who found a gun and shot himself, has deeply impacted the group’s ongoing efforts.

“This was a 21-month-old, less than 2-years-old and he has an ability to engage the trigger. A lot of times you think even if they find the gun, they’re not going to be able to shoot it, but that’s not the case,” Bernstein said.

The organization made an extra push through marches and conventions after Jamyla Bolden, 9, was shot and killed. It hopes to spread the message that violence against children affects everyone, not just victims’ families.

“It affects the most vulnerable people in our community, our children. Ever since Newtown we’ve seen that. No child is safe from gun violence,” Bernstein said.

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