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Abandoned car sits on South City intersection for weeks

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Residents in a south St. Louis neighborhood are angry with the city after an abandoned car was left on a street corner for a month even after neighbors complained.

Jasmine Herron and other nearby residents said they wanted an abandoned car at the intersection of Oregon and Meramec removed.

“They sit out here and they ticket and tow regular cars on the daily basis, but those cars, it’s just sitting there,” Herron said

Herron feels it will be magnet for crime and said police do little about crime that does occur in the neighborhood.

“Not good at all, not livable. Constantly got people racing up and down the street shooting. You call the police and they don’t come,” Herron said.

News 4 has received complaints from other city residents about abandoned cars.  Residents have complained to the Citizen’s Service Bureau, which removes the car.  Residents complained to the bureau on July 27.  The bureau responded, tweeting out that it passed along the information to the Neighborhood Stabilization Team, saying a response would come back by August 14.

The car wasn’t towed until News 4’s Rob Sneed reached out to city officials Monday.  City spokesperson Maggie Crane sent the following statement on the towing:

“We met with the car’s owner. Who requested additional time before towing so that the insurance company could come out and look at the damage.”

The city was granted a 10-day extension, which Crane said ended Monday. Crane also added that the car would be towed Monday.

Below is how you can contact the Citizen’s Service Bureau:

Phone: 314-622-4800

Fax: 314-622-4310

Submit online request (begin with the "Request a City Service" box to the right)

Twitter: @stlcsb

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