Resident in Patch neighborhood want police substation -

Resident in Patch neighborhood want police substation

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Residents in the Patch neighborhood which sits right along the city-county border in South City say they are fed up with the crime.

The neighborhood association has been asking St. Louis Metropolitan Police to install a substation for the last three months citing increasing crime rates.

Monday morning, 16-year-old Demontae Young was killed when gunfire rang out in the 6700 block of S. Broadway. The teen was murdered just blocks from where the neighborhood was planning to put the substation.

“Prostitution, open air drug market, multiple break ins, multiple house break-ins there was a smash and grab in boost mobile, building across the street, now we have a homicide a block away,” explained Chris Tobin, a resident and member of the Patch Neighborhood Association.

Tobin said police told the association ‘no’ when it requested a substation in an old stone house in South St. Louis Square despite being ready to fund the operation.

“A check was ready to be written,” Tobin said.

Tobin said police cited low crime and other nearby substations as the reason.

Overall crime in the Patch Neighborhood is up in 2015, but it’s mostly nonviolent. Monday morning's homicide was the first in 2015, but that’s what the neighborhood was trying to prevent.

“We’re trying to keep the homicides away,” said Tobin,

In nearby Bevo Mill, it took a fatal hammer attack for the substation to go in, but Patch residents hope it doesn’t take something so extreme.

Business owners who support the substation say they’re worried if something’s not done, the neighborhood will go downhill.

“It’s a good area, people are not afraid to come down, spend some money but if not, they’ll go down the road, go to another hardware store,” said Don Hebere, who owns a hardware store on S. Broadway. “It’s got to help, catch it when it’s small.”

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