Business owner said teenagers vandalized her business in South C -

Business owner said teenagers vandalized her business in South City

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CARONDELET, Mo. ( - A local entrepreneur raised concerns about a lack of parenting after she said teens have targeted her business.

Suzanne Jackson owns Bark Avenue Pet Grooming. After five years at the same location, Jackson said she is afraid she may have to move out.

"They've thrown eggs at my door. They've thrown diapers on my roof, at my door...they've thrown sanitary items at my door. I've had my clients actually harassed," Jackson said. 

Taylor Borick lives in Carondelet. She said she is not surprised, and the neighborhood is getting worse.

"I've seen teenagers vandalizing things. There's trash everywhere and behavior that shouldn't be going on," Borick said. 

Jackson said this is not a police issue, and blames the parents.She said she sees children skipping school, out at all hours of the day and night, doing whatever they want. She called it a community-wide issue.

"It's really kind of sad because then they grow up to be teenagers that don't have any accountability and think they can get away with treating people however they feel," Jackson said.

Jackson said things will only get worse if parents do not take responsibility. 

"I can cleanup eggs, I can clean up dirty diapers. I'm not going to very easily cleanup bricks going through my window," Jackson said. 

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