Legal observer sues over arrest during I-70 shutdown -

Legal observer sues over arrest during I-70 shutdown

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ST. LOUIS (AP) - A man who says he was a legal observer at a protest that shut down Interstate 70 west of St. Louis is suing St. Louis County, claiming he was arrested without cause and detained for 18 hours without charges.

Wednesday's federal lawsuit by 28-year-old Mustafa Abdullah of St. Louis alleges he was merely a legal observer of the protest Monday when he was arrested and did not take part in the shutdown.

That demonstration came a day after commemorations of the one-year anniversary of the Ferguson police shooting death of Michael Brown. That case launched the national "Black Lives Matter" movement.

Abdullah was among more than 60 people arrest at the rush hour I-70 shutdown near Earth City.

The St. Louis County counselor isn't commenting on the lawsuit.

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