Surveillance camera captures man breaking into South City garage -

Surveillance camera captures man breaking into South City garage

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ST. LOUIS ( – A South City resident is hopeful her surveillance camera footage will help police catch a burglar.

Around 2:00 Monday morning, a burglar broke into at least two homes and attempted to break into another. It’s just the latest in garage burglaries reported throughout South City during the summer.

“Just feeling violated, you work too hard for what you have so it really you to see someone like that,” said victim Marquita Mahon. “We saw a guy coming up the alley then trying to look into my neighbor’s car, then we saw him break into her garage, then after that he came into our yard and looked around.”

The burglar couldn’t get past the locks of Mahon's garage but did make his way into her next door neighbors. He didn’t take anything there but a few houses down, he got away with tools and car parts.

Now Mahon is hoping this video helps catch the man responsible like it has in the past.

“We’ve had a couple of neighbors who had break-ins, one had her basement broken into, another had their TV stolen and we were able to get police footage, and one of them was successful in getting the items back,” she said.

Although the image isn’t crystal clear, Mahon hopes someone might recognize the burglar or at least he might realize not to come back.

“Be careful what you do, you never know who's watching,” Mahon said.

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