Tweets by state senator critical of state of emergency declarati -

Tweets by state senator critical of state of emergency declaration draw controversy

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Tweets by a Ferguson-area lawmaker criticizing St. Louis County Executive’s Steve Stenger decision to declare of a state of emergency have drawn controversy.

State Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal, who has been critical of Stenger, said there was no reason to declare a state of emergency. She also said he has no clue how to handle the situation in Ferguson.

“The issuance of a state of emergency was an insult to the entire black community. If you look at what’s going on we do want officers here, but when I went to the federal courthouse downtown yesterday, people were irate, they felt he was being a bully from his office,” Chapelle-Nadal said.

Chapelle-Nadal has previously criticized the Ferguson Commission saying it was ploy by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to run for political cover after he received negative attention for his handling of unrest in Ferguson in 2014.

Another recent tweet Chapelle-Nadal is also drawing controversy.

“Look at how man black men are dying every week, yes there is (genocide),” Chapelle-Nadal said.

Chapelle-Nadal said she will continue to support peaceful demonstrators and condemn those who commit violence.

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