More than half-way done with pregnancy! In full-on nesting mode -

Alissa's Baby Diary

More than half-way done with pregnancy! In full-on nesting mode

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By: Alissa Reitmeier / News 4

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- Welcome back to my Pregnancy Diary! We are in full-on nesting mode at our house! This week (the week of August 9th) I am 21 weeks pregnant. That means we are more than half way! How the time has flown. The baby is about 10.5 inches long and is kicking me fairly regularly. The kicks are still very sporadic so my husband hasn’t been able to feel one from the outside just yet. 

Our little guy is still sucking his thumb (his head is on the right in this photo and that little circle at the top is his hand with his thumb in his mouth) and he has his little legs crossed. I keep telling myself this means he will be a relaxed baby and a good sleeper. Wishful thinking!! He is growing so fast, my due date keeps getting bumped up. We are now at December 21st but that, I’m sure, will continue to change!!

It may be a bit early still, but we are having SO much fun decorating our baby’s future room bit-by-bit. I think I mentioned in a previous post that we are going with a navy and orange nautical theme. We purchased our first piece of furniture, a dresser and changing table, in recent weeks. There are SO MANY OPTIONS for everything! How is one supposed to quickly choose something as simple as a pad for the changing table when faced with 40 options! Alas, we decided on one that fits perfectly in our little changing topper.

Curtain rods, drapes, and our little “Set Sail” sign were also hung this weekend and its starting to feel like our little man’s room is coming together!! 

My cravings have still been minimal and I’ve established a 2-day “Wait it Out” policy for myself. If I still want it in 2 days (unless it’s something healthy) then we go for it. The latest one came when I was out in my native St. Charles covering the Francis Howell school district. I REALLY wanted the fried rice from a Hibachi restaurant. You know.. the kind where they cook in front of you and make you catch shrimp in your mouth?? I don’t know why. I haven’t had it in at least ten years. But the place we went to growing up was off Zumbehl Road and a visit from me just had to happen. 

God bless my in-laws for indulging me and coming along for dinner! Our chef was awesome, did all the cheesy jokes and it was a REALLY, REALLY fun night.

In other nesting news, a major hobby of mine is needlepoint. I cross-stitched a monogrammed cummerbund for my husband for our wedding and I haven’t had time to start a new project since. But that all changed this weekend!

I decided I would make a little hanging pillow for the nursery door and found a pattern with the perfect colors/theme last week! I’m cruising through it and expect to be done in the next week or so. There was another one available that said “You wake him, you take him!” J I thought that was really funny but the colors didn’t match.

I feel so blessed that I have had a fairly easy pregnancy and have so much support from my friends, family, and work family. I continue to be surprised and touched by people’s thoughtfulness throughout this exciting time.

Our big day will be here before we know it! Stay tuned for further updates!

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