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Ferguson Mayor James Knowles releases statement following night of unrest

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Ferguson Mayor James Knowles released the following statement Monday afternoon:

Today, the City of Ferguson would like to thank the Police Department and its First Responders for their hard work and dedication pertaining to protecting our citizens and our residents. Our officers have exemplified respect, community engagement, and professionalism under extremely difficult circumstances. Their hard work and dedication to the City of Ferguson is appreciated. We would also like to thank the surrounding law enforcement agencies who assisted with protecting our community.  

We are deeply disappointed with the violence that took place last night. This kind of behavior from those who want to cause disruption and destroy the progress from this past year will not be tolerated. We are asking for our citizens and businesses to be diligent and to be watchful for those who want to cause harm to our community. 

As we work with St. Louis County Police, who will now assume responsibility over any protest-related incidents, to include those occurring within the City of Ferguson, we are asking for peace as we strive to once again become a community of choice for everyone. 

We want to reassure our residents and businesses that the Ferguson Police department will continue to answer calls from our citizens. They will continue to provide services in a timely and professional manner. 

 Our officers have exemplified great strides in community policing and community engagement through professionalism and respect. 

This kind of behavior is counterproductive, and cannot be tolerated if we want to continue bettering the community for all our residents.


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