Tweets by Alderman French about Brown shooting draw controversy -

Tweets by Alderman French about Brown shooting draw controversy

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Alderman Antonio French Alderman Antonio French

Several recent tweets by St. Louis Alderman Antonio French about last year's shooting of Michael Brown are drawing controversy.

French’s tweets discuss why Officer Darren Wilson should be put on trial for shooting Michael Brown. The tweets refer to two reports from two construction workers and other witness who said Brown had his hands up when he was shot.

A grand jury elected not to indict Wilson and a report from the Department of Justice concluded that Brown’s hands were not up when he was shot.

“A lot of people jumped on the DOJ report to say this is evidence that this absolutely did not happen, and that’s not what it says. It says there is not enough conclusive evidence, and when there’s not conclusive evidence, there should be a trial,” French said.

French believed it was appropriate to re-visit the topic one year after Brown’s death.

“I think yesterday was the appropriate time to recall why people were angry and I know there are folks who should say people should just stop talking about it. I’d say that’s how we got into this situation in the first place,” French said.

French told News 4 he was disappointed that laptops and iPads were stolen from his HealStL office in Ferguson Sunday night.

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