New push in St. Louis City to fight crime by identifying crimina -


New push in St. Louis City to fight crime by identifying criminals using their social media activity

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – A new push is underway by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce in an effort to get the public to report violent threats posted online.

“We could have a million police officers, a million prosecutors, but we’re never going to end gun violence in any meaningful or lasting way without the cooperation of the public,” Joyce said. “We need the public to work with us.”

Joyce’s office created a phone number, an online form and an e-mail address for people to use to report what they see posted online.  

“I want them to be able to tell us what it is they’ve seen on social media and clearly so that we can understand,” said Joyce. “Tell us how we can get to that on the internet so spell out what the name of the Facebook page.”

In May, Joyce launched the Crime Strategies Unit, which is comprised of a team of attorneys, investigators and analysts who scour social media for societal menaces.  

To report online threats to Joyce’s office, call 314-1411, email, or click here.

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