Residents: University City approves plan to privatize EMS -

Residents: University City approves plan to privatize EMS

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University City residents packed city hall Monday night to voice their opposition to a plan that would privatize EMS services in the city. 

More than 100 residents came to the meeting to voice their disapproval of the proposal that would turn over EMS to Gateway Ambulance Services. Under the plan, one paramedic and one EMT would respond to emergency calls. Currently, two paramedics respond to each call.

Some residents are also concerned that response times will be slower. Supporters claim the move would save $500,000 a year.

“I feel like they are not looking at the safety of our community. This is all about saving money. Are you family members worth $500,000? Is their life worth that much?” said University resident Stephanie Douglass.

“It’s not two paramedics. It’s one paramedic and one EMT in this proposal, but I believe those two people can come to someone’s house, take care of the people and get them to a hospital very efficiently,” said resident David Stokes.

Some believe the proposal was rushed and the process was not transparent. Residents told News 4 the city council voted to approve the plan around 10:30 p.m.

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