Man accused of breaking into St. Charles Co church, trying to bu -

Man accused of breaking into St. Charles Co church, trying to burn it down

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Authorities said they are searching for a man who broke into a church in St. Charles County and tried to set it on fire.

Police said the man broke into the Faith Baptist Church and attempted to burn it down. He allegedly started a fire in a utility closet and hung a bottle of bleach above the flames, but the fire burned itself out.  The church’s pastor said the suspect scattered food from the downstairs refrigerator and scattered it all over the floor.

The pastor said the suspect ripped up his personal bible.

“He just ripped it up, for no reason,” said Pastor Justin Arender.

Police said he also broke into a nearby home and demonstrated some strange behavior during the burglary.

“He made entry into another residence, destroyed their property, computers, turned their air conditioning all the way down,” said Det. Tony Hojsik with St. Charles County Police. "He filled their medicine bottles full of water, left them out on the table. I don't know what this person's issue is but we definitely would like to take him off the streets."

Authorities said patrols have been increased patrols around the 2300 block of Muegge Road as a result of the burglaries.

Security camera footage showed the man wearing a dust mask, but police said those who know him should recognize him even with a mask on. Authorities describe him as a man in his 20s, stocky, and between 5’8’’ and 6 feet tall.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call police.

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