Carjackers using two different scenarios in East St. Louis -

Carjackers using two different scenarios in East St. Louis

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EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. ( – Police in East St. Louis are warning drivers about a sting of carjackings in the Metro East.

According to police, thieves are using two unusual scenarios to carjack vulnerable drivers. One of the scenarios involves having a person lying in the street and when the driver stops, another person jumps from nearby bushes and robs the driver at gunpoint. The other possible scenario is when the vehicle is at a stop sign and the suspect jumps out and robs the driver.

"People can't even help people anymore. It's rough. That's the times we live in," said Captain Bobby Cole of East St. Louis Police.

While they have only received three reports of the carjackings, they want to warn drivers before it becomes a bigger problem.

"I think East St. Louis had a bad rep a long time ago, and this doesn't help, that's for sure," said Lamot Robinson.

The incidents have been reported in the outer State Street area and on the north side, near the Roosevelt homes.

No injuries have been reported in the recent cases.

Police are warning anyone who comes across either scenario to go around the person or find a different route and call 911 after getting to a safe spot. 

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