Passenger said he received ticket for violation driver committed -

Passenger said he received ticket for violation driver committed

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A man who was a passenger in a car said he received tickets for violations the driver committed in Jennings.

John Partee, 63, said he was inside a car his friend was driving on Jennings Stations Road near West Florissant when the car was pulled over. His friend was then cited and arrested for no registration, lack of insurance, and a suspended.

“After that, they gave me his license back and asked me to drive his car home because they were going to arrest him. I went off and drove off and I never heard anything until I got those tickets in the mail,” Partee said.

Partee said he received tickets from the Jennings Municipal County for the same citations the driver received. Partee also said Jennings offered to cut him a deal in which he would pay $800 to settle the situation.

Since the unrest of Ferguson, there has been focus on abuse within St. Louis-area municipal courts. One expert said Partee’s situation shows how many municipal courts are used to collect revenue.

“It is surprising that the problem has been revealed and yet it continues to happen. In a lot of people’s minds, it reinforces that it’s about the money,” said Dave Leipholtz with Better Together St. Louis.

Partee has a lawyer and is due in court August 18.

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