Jefferson County officials call for gun owner accountability aft -

Jefferson County officials call for gun owner accountability after thefts

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After a series of gun thefts in Jefferson County, officials are calling for gun owners to show more accountability in securing their weapons.

This week, an Imperial man told police his .40 caliber handgun was stolen off the hood of his car when he forgot about it while inside a grocery store. The man said the incident occurred three months ago.

Over the past month, nine guns have been stolen from Jefferson County in two instances. Unlocked cars and homes have been targeted in the recent firearm thefts.

In light of the recent burglaries, Jefferson County officials are urging firearm owners to secure their weapons to prevent them from ending up on city streets.

"A lot of private places, they don't allow anyone to take a weapon into that facility, so where do you leave the weapon? Obviously, you leave it in the car and its unsecured," said Captain Ralph Brown of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. "We would be able to have more stringent laws where it would hold people more accountable in securing their weapons."

Both St. Louis city police and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office have agreed that a significant amount of stolen guns end up on the streets in the city of St. Louis as a result of drug dealing or are used in violent crimes.

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