More St. Louis residents say abandoned cars are eyesores in thei -

More St. Louis residents say abandoned cars are eyesores in their neighborhood

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Residents of another St. Louis neighborhood are complaining about an abandoned car being an eyesore.

Charles Gibson said it's not making his neighborhood any better looking.

“A whole lot of kids are out here and the car is making it look bad, and we are trying to keep it cleaned up," said Gibson.

Gibson's comments come one day after residents of Lafayette Square said the city was doing little to tow an abandoned car that has been sitting on neighborhood street since July 4. The car was later towed Tuesday evening.

Tuesday, News 4 reached out to the police department about what is being done about the cars and got no answer. Wednesday afternoon, News 4 called the Citizens' Service Bureau and no one answered the phone. News 4 then went to the Citizen Service Bureau offices to get answers.

Neighborhood development director Dotti Pennington would not speak on camera, but said if you see wrecked or abandoned vehicles in your community, you can report it on the bureau’s website, Twitter page, or call the number listed on the website.  

News 4 called that number, but there was no answer.

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