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I Do... To Do: Picking the Perfect Photographer

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After more than 10 years in TV, I am more than used to being in front of a camera.  My fiance, Jared, however, is not so used to having someone take video or pictures of him.  So, it was especially important for us to find a photographer who made both of us feel calm and comfortable....and well, forget that we were having pictures taken of us.  We found that ease and comfort with Liz Sloan at L Photographie.  She makes a photo shoot fun and enjoyable and stress-free.  I love that she goes after the "real" pictures, as in real life.  Nothing is static or fake with her.  She's all about capturing the true you and your natural reactions.  

I just have to quote her on something she said to me (I love this quote)...."Someone once told me photography is the closest you'll get to time travel, and I feel like that is true. I get to capture one moment in time, when you look back, and it's like you went back to that point in time."

I want to forever be able to go back to my wedding day like it's that point in time, and I know Liz will allow for Jared and me to do that.

This is what is best for Jared and me....what works for us....but what about you?  How do you find the perfect photographer for your wedding or any other big life event?  Our lovely wedding planners from Simcha's Events, shared this advice with me, and boy did I find it helpful.  I hope you do, too.

  • Find a photographer who makes you feel calm and comfortable.
  • Do your research - all photographers have strengths and styles, so it's important to research what you want.  Peruse their pictures on their websites.  Reach out to past clients and see what it was like to work with the photographer.
  • Find a photographer that is a mix of photojournalism and traditional with their work -- candid vs. posed/planned portraits.
  • Write out a list of pictures you want to make sure to get, as well as list of people you want in certain pictures ahead of time and make sure to give it to your photographer so he or she is prepared.
  • Don't over-interview.  Perhaps keep your list of potential photographers to two or three based on Internet searches and recommendations, and then interview yourself.

Smile.....and don't forget to say cheese!  (that's the corny side of me coming out...sorry, I just had to!)

P.S.  Does August really start this weekend.  OMG!  Where does the time go?

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