Clergy leaders host 'We Are All Ferguson' workshops -

Clergy leaders host 'We Are All Ferguson' workshops

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(Photo: We Are All Ferguson) (Photo: We Are All Ferguson)

Throughout the next week, leading up to the one year anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown Jr. on August 9, clergy leaders will host daily workshops as opportunities to "listen, learn and lead" in the face of possible protests.

"In my work in the parish and with community organizations, it is the spark of innovation that most often makes the big change, and can offer the greatest impact," said Reverend Steve Lawler. "'We Are All Ferguson' is a platform for people of all ages, races and background to continue to engage and grow."

The series of workshops, which "aims to bring people together in productive ways," according to a press release, was created by clergy leaders Reverend Lawler of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church and Pastor Willis Johnson of Wellspring Church.

Community activists plan to focus on developing young men for leadership roles, especially those who may have been part of the unrest over the past year.

"'We Are All Ferguson' is not just about the ZIP code… At this place where there was trauma and tragedy, we're trying to encourage, inspire and even renew the human spirit through engagement, education and enterprise," said Pastor Johnson in the release.

One of the week's events is called "Incubate Ferguson," during which experts in entrepreneurship, loans, marketing and accounting will talk to attendees about launching a small business.

For more information and the daily workshop schedule, visit the We Are All Ferguson website.

All events will take place at the Wellspring Church in Ferguson and will kick off at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

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