Francis Howell district faces drastic cuts if Prop Y fails -

Francis Howell district faces drastic cuts if Prop Y fails

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One of the largest school districts in Missouri is facing major cuts if Proposition Y does not pass on the August 4 election.

The Francis Howell School District has said going to a four day school week, cutting clubs and sports and even canceling some bus services are all on the table if Prop Y does not pass. The district serves 17,000 students.

"That will be a burden on our families. We know that. We don't like that," said Dr. Pam Sloan, superintendent of Francis Howell School District.

The $18 million per year proposition is desperately needed, says the district, but some critics believe the district's spending and amount of money they are asking for is out of hand.

Some supporters of Prop Y are worried their fellow parents are not aware of how the spending cuts could impact their families.

"You have to dig for them, so I'm concerned that the parents and general community doesn't know what the cuts are that are being talked about," said Michelle Walker, a Proposition Y supporter.

If buses for students within three and a half miles of the school are cut, approximately 7,600 students would be left needing another way to get to and from school. District officials said the proposed cuts are not meant to be scare tactics, they are just considerations.

"We really haven't made any decisions yet, but once we get to the decision-making point, we'll begin the communications out to our community," said Dr. Sloan.

The district will pay $270,000 to put Prop Y on the August 4 ballot. If the district put the proposition on the November or May ballots, the cost would be lower, but a passage of Prop Y on the August ballot would make the funds available for the upcoming school year. Likewise, if Prop Y fails, the cuts could come as soon as the 2015-2016 school year.

"It’s really going to be a hardship, not just for me, but for the people who work for me and it'll be community-wide, because we're all going to feel that pinch," Walker said.

In order to pass, Proposition Y requires a simple majority vote. More information on Prop Y can be found on the Francis Howell School District website.

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