Concern raised over IRS scam targeting immigrants -

Concern raised over IRS scam targeting immigrants

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( – Police are warning the public about an IRS scam where immigrants from the Middle East and South Asia are targets.

Maryland Heights police told News 4 they have seen a recent increase in immigrants being targeted by those pretending to be from the IRS. The scammers often call personal phones and have a deep knowledge of personal information on the victim.

“They know where they live, how much taxes they paid last year. They have enough information to make it sound very legitimate that are in fact with the IRS,” said Mark Fedak with Maryland Heights police. “The victims are getting calls where 911 emergency is showing up on caller ID.”

Police said the scammers threaten the victims with instant arrest. Investigators believe those responsible for the scam are calling from outside the US, making it difficult for stolen money to be retrieved.

“That’s why it’s so sad. They are taking advantage of these individuals who are trying to do the right thing and are trying to integrate into society, and sadly they end up being targeted as victims,” Fedak said.

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