Mo. county adds 'In God We Trust' motto to police cars -

Mo. county adds 'In God We Trust' motto to police cars

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by CNN

Some patrol cars in Stone County, Missouri now bear the motto ‘In God We Trust’ on them in a move the sheriff calls patriotic, but not everyone agrees.

“It is part of our heritage it is patriotic,” said Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader, “’In God We Trust’ has been our national motto since 1956.”

To put the words on the back of the patrol cars was paid for by a donation.

“I am a believer myself,” said Stone County resident Jarrod Barcley. “I love that the people protecting us are also believers as well and are not afraid to display it.”

However, not everyone feels that way. When Stone County posted a photo of a patrol car with the new motto on Facebook it was shared almost 20,000 times including a great deal of disparaging comments.

“A lot of negativity is coming from people outside of the state, far outside of the state,” Rader said.

“People are a little bit sensitive on both sides,” added Stone County resident Steve Lewis. “I understand the separation part. You’ve got to be careful. There can be a fine line there.”

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